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 When it comes to editing very large files and chunks of data faster and process them for patterns and other type of tasks Hex editor Neo works a charm on it. It gives you the power and tools you need to edit and work with hex, ASCII, double and float, and as well as binary formats. It not only helps you to modify them, but also exchange data between different formats for using in other applications and perform many other daily routine tasks.

 - It can record editing at the highest speed irrespective of any size limits. You can perform insertion and search over the data at the same time using small microcode programs.
 - It allows you to perform unlimited undo and redo, finding and replacing parts of the file, saving visual history and loading it later for future reference. It even allows you to patch the clipboard operations for easier implementation. There are concepts of double words and quad words too.
 - It allows you to make patches with just two mouse clicks and then you can start modifying any type of restricted files like DLL, AVI, DAT, JPG and even MP3.
 - It supports all regular expressions and allows making smart actions with custom patches. Its customization is also unlimited with tuning anything and everything in the user interface that suits your needs and data representation.


 The user interface is all sleek and neat, but when you start browsing through gigabytes of binary or ASCII data, it becomes a little illegible. hex editor Neo brings a twist by making things organized for you and allows you to focus on your edits. You can edit audio files and flash contents like SWF files. They are mostly used by professional in the software testing industry and also private professionals who test beta products before they are actually released into the market. 
 - It is very fast and efficient because of multicore processing. Multicore processing allows you to batch process tasks and even use more longer memory instructions to run through gigabytes of data at ease.


 It has a powerful engine and lots of functionality without any costs involved. Hex Editor Neo is a completely free software that is just 11.2 MB in size. It is managed and supported by hddsoftware.com. They support only Windows operating systems, as of now. 

 It works remarkably fluently and once installed helps you to edit hex files in a breeze.

Changes on the new version:
Many reported and internally found bugs fixed.
Hex Editor Neo screenshotHex Editor Neo screenshotHex Editor Neo screenshot

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